The foundation of the Play Factory is based on a developmental philosophy. It is our belief that each child is unique, with an individual pattern of timing and growth. Developmental theory states that there are universal and predictable sequences of growth, development, and change in infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. We value the individual growth and development of each child, the process of exploration and discovery. We value the importance of play and the skills of learning that are developed physically, socially, and emotionally, and intellectually through play.

The Play Factory's Program is specially designed for children 2-5 years of age. The children's individual needs, interests, and skills provide the framework for the teacher to prepare a learning environment that is challenging and developmentally appropriate. The Play Factory provides a nurturing, pre-school environment to meet the physical, educational, and emotional needs of a child involved in a full-day childcare setting.

The Play Factory's program focuses on the child's enthusiasm, eagerness, interests, and needs, forming the core around which their day revolves. Learning experiences include touching, tasting feeling, and experimenting. Materials such as sand, water, paint and paper are always available. Dramatic play, singing, poetry, story telling and a variety of experiences with books, encourage language development and literacy skills. The understanding of number concepts is developed through the use of rods, cubes, blocks and counters of all kinds. Opportunities are provided to encourage small and large muscle growth and development. Socially and emotionally, children are encouraged to express their feelings and to respect the others. The Play Factory promotes self-esteem and strives to help children develop and maintain positive self-concepts.